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of Multiples offers support to mothers of multiples in the North Metro area of Atlanta, GA including Cobb, Cherokee and Fulton counties.


Mentoring/Big Sisters


Have you ever thought about getting involved in mentoring, but you weren't sure who to contact or what to do? Maybe you've wanted to know more before you got involved, but were afraid to ask. Well, search no more. Mentoring is one of the most fundamental lifelines of our club and even you can take advantage of it.


Remember how crazy things were when you were pregnant and then right after you gave birth? Just think of what type of assistance you could've used during those first few trying months. Perhaps you would have benefited from having someone to talk to, laugh and cry with, scream at, or simply to seek advice from. Perhaps you had physical help from family and friends, but no one close to you could understand the stress of feeding infant twins through the night. Or maybe you just had a few simple questions to ask, that only another mother of twins could answer. Remember? It was a trying time wasn't it? Well, that's what our new and pregnant moms are going through now and they need your help. 


Building relationships and providing heartfelt advice, are key to being a mentor. Our new and pregnant moms bring enthusiasm, excitement and endearment to our club and it is the clubs goal to keep that growing.


By becoming a mentor, you will be promoting relationships with new and pregnant moms by offering advice, answering questions, calming fears, encouraging hopes and dreams, and by most of all, just listening. You should encourage them to communicate with you and the club and help give them a piece of mind that everything will turn out just fine. Mentors should also try and contact their new mom at least once a week. You may not always get to speak with her, but she will know you are thinking about her and that you care, even if she doesn't return your call right away.


Each member of our club should try and get to know our new and pregnant moms. Offering to take a pregnant mom to lunch or bringing dinner to a new mom are a couple of ways to do this. They are the future of our club.  As long as you are providing the love and care you wished for when you were in that situation, you can't go wrong. Just be their friend.


If you are interested in representing the club and becoming a mentor or would like to receive a mentor, please contact our Mentor Match Coordinator.


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